Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Mulberry & Grand is to achieve global peace through education.  We are currently teaming up with Embrace Relief to support the millions of Syrian refugees who have been displaced into Turkey.  In a world where the number of refugees has reached a record sixty million people with no indication of a decline, finding a solution to providing opportunities to those who desperately need one — is one of the biggest and most meaningful challenges of our time.

One of the most overlooked basic needs of Syrian refugees is their right for education. While some of the children are fortunate enough to enroll in a small number of schools opened by both the state and local aid organizations/individuals, the vast majority of children are not able to access even primary level schooling. In contrast, there are many unemployed Syrian teachers who are qualified and more than willing to educate. The gap between supply and demand of education, due to insufficient funds, is a severe problem that will result in major socioeconomic and educational discrepancies in the near future.

After the start of the civil war in Syria, a vast influx of refugees entered Turkey. In the beginning, the funding for aid operations were covered by Kimse Yok Mu and donor partners and were adequate to meet the needs of the first wave of refugees, however, the overwhelming number of people (currently estimated at 2.1 million) who have fled Syria and Iraq into Turkey, has diminished available funds faster than anticipated. The vast majority of refugees who are living in Turkey are unable to fully benefit from current aid initiatives; falling victim to dangerous job opportunities and have little to no access to legal representation.

The primary school in Istanbul provides education for 100 refugees in the grades of 1-4. The all-female high school (grades 9-12) that is planning to open in Kilis, can accommodate 140 students a session. By providing education in two shifts for two groups of students a day (morning and afternoon), a total of 280 students can be instructed daily.

The budget for this project is $100,000USD. This budget will cover the costs of both facilities for one fiscal year. During this inaugural year, Embrace Relief in collaboration with sister organization Kimse Yok Mu, will monitor the educational progress in both the primary school in Istanbul as well as the all-girls school in Kilis to ensure the expectation of quality is being met as well as to promote accountability and transparency within our organization.

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