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Selkie The Unicorn Defends Himself Soft Corset

Selkie The Unicorn Defends Himself Soft Corset



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Eye-wateringly beautiful, the Unicorn Soft Corset settles gently into the contours of the body, and it’s straps bring you right back to the 19th century- with full boning and doubled heavy cotton you’ll feel slightly cinched all evening. The classic square neckline and front lacing evoke Victorian fashion, and the magic of the unicorn print. Layer it to imbue any dress or blouse with another dose of whimsy and a new, beautiful shape.


    ✷ Cotton lace up corset
    ✷ Cropped length 
    ✷ Designed and fit in LA, Made in partnership with Selkie's reputable and expert production team in Jianying, China.

    ✷ About Selkie
    Fanciful, nostalgic and extra romantic. By former Wildfox Co-Founder, Kimberley Gordon. This ready-to-wear collection is an imagination driven brand and encourages artistic self expression. 

    Selkie is a low waste company, producing small inventories to test the success of items, then using pre-sale to predict how much to buy on popular styles for future rounds. This ensures no dangerous dumping or contribution to landfill.

    Size Guide

    Click here for size chart.  Fitted at the bust only. Please base your size off of your bust and under bust measurement. If you are in between sizes, for a corseted fit, size down.

    Care Guide

    ✷ Gently hand wash cold, lat flat to dry 

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