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Wavey Casa Get Wavey Candle

Wavey Casa Get Wavey Candle

Wavey Casa


If these candles don't make you smile, we're not sure what will! Light it up on the coffee table for a funky pop of color or place it on your bookshelf and to admire.  


✷ 100% Eco Soy wax
✷ Vegan and unscented
✷ Can be used as a decorative piece
✷ 3 hour burn time

Size Guide

✷ 11cm x 11cm x 5cm

Care Guide

Every Wavey Casa candle is lovingly hand-poured using eco soy wax. We think they’re too cute to use, but if you feel a burning need to light it, please place on a small dish, or whatever non-flammable receptacle you have to hand, to catch the wax, and be sure to trim the wick to be ¼ inch first.

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