Spring Soirée Was A Success!

Spring Soirée Was A Success!


Spring Soiree Event at Mulberry & Grand

Talk about Good Vibes! 

On May 1 our store, Mulberry & Grand, hosted their very first Spring Soirée to help raise funds for Syrian Refugees.  Despite the lack of spring weather and transportation roadblocks, I am happy to say that it was a great success.  Our friends, family and shoppers braved the horrid conditions to come in and shop!

Spring Soiree Event at Mulberry & Grand to help Syrian Refugees

I am extremely grateful for all of our fans, friends, and family who came out to shop the event!  It was extremely humbling to see the effort people took to travel and come participate.  And it was even more so to see our shoppers coming back again to donate towards the event.  Many Europeans were so glad to know that America was also trying to offer support to this global crisis.

Friends & family at the Spring Soiree Event to help Syrian Refugees at Mulberry & Grand

For me that was my greatest lesson of the day!  Even though our contribution from my tiny shop might have been small, I am happy to know that we will help build a unified global community where we all help each other.

So how much did we raise?  A total of $1,359.56!!  Yay!!  This will be donated to Embrace Relief to help support their Syrian refugee education project.

You can continue to make donations online by visiting our site at www.mulberry-grand.com/pages/our-mission.  And if you weren't able to make it to the store, we will plan a similar event soon!

Thank You!

Many hugs, kisses, and much love to you all!


P.S. - I promise next time to have better pictures, but we all looked a bit like wet poodles.  The cannolis, however, looked and tasted great!

P.P.S - Special thank you to my Mom and Mother-in-Law for taking care of my wonderfully energetic boys all day so that I could do this. Without you both, none of this would have been possible!  ?

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