A little Q+A w/ M&G founder- Emily Guggino

A little Q+A w/ M&G founder- Emily Guggino

We asked our founder Emily Guggino, some questions about being a working mom, and how Mulberry and Grand started!

Mulberry and Grand Founder Emily Guggino

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about motherhood?

They grow up so quickly, so enjoy every moment.  I believe this will be true one day- when I’m looking back and not getting so many cuddles, hugs, and kisses. I’m really trying to cherish these sweet moments.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about running your own business?

There’s so much good advice out there, so I’m always trying to learn more and absorb as much information as possible.  This year, I’m focusing on some good advice about making sure to save at least 5% of sales each month.

When did your love of fashion begin?

Birth?  I’ve always been captivated particularly by accessories.  When I was little, I always loved creating and making jewelry.  My mother had to spend so much time with me in Beadazzled, where I’d spend hours picking out beads.

I remember, my aunt had a walk in closest that my cousin and I would spend hours playing dress up in furs, crazy 80’s dresses, walking in heels, and painting our nails.  We’d always get into trouble for making a mess or ruining the clothes, but it was so much fun.

Can you tell us about the launch of Mulberry and Grand and how all of this came to be?

Mulberry and Grand launched right after my second son was born.  For many years, working with my husband on Studio Manhattan, we traveled a lot and met so many great artists, designers, and manufacturers that I wanted to work with to create an expression of myself, and to have really fun, great designs at really accessible prices!

What is your career advice to young women that want to run their own business?

It’s definitely a long bumpy ride, but as long as you are willing to stick it through and work hard you can achieve your dreams.  The more seasoned you get, it’s also best to make sure your emotions don’t also follow the bumps. It’s so easy to get totally stressed or depressed when things are going the best, or on a total high when things are going great, but if you can try to level your emotions, it’s so much easier to ride those bumps.

Also, you know your business and/or vision the best.  Often times, it’s best to quiet all of those outside voices and go with what you know is right in your gut.  If I’d just listened to my gut, there would be so many times that I could have avoided many mistakes, because deep down you really know what’s best for your company.

What are your top 5 go-to beauty essentials?

My criteria for beauty is that it has to last, because I only have five minutes in the morning to dedicate and then I’m lucky if I remember to look at myself again. So, the worst is when you get home after a busy day, and look in the mirror to see a total horror show.

Kevyn Aucoin Mascara – I love this mascara SO much, and am obsessed with how it come off.  Does anyone else use it and get the same satisfaction?

Fenty Match Stick – The best highlighter. Also, stays put so well and doesn’t expose eye wrinkles like others, because  it’s not too oily.

Estee Lauder Bronzer – So I look alive, definitely can’t go anywhere without bronzer.

Glossier Lidstar – Feels so creamy going on, but really doesn’t slide around at all.

Supergoop Setting Mist – Never liked the idea of spraying my face, but I love the way this feels.

What are your fashion essentials? 

Large earrings are my number one essential – they are the easiest way to make a statement and to make an outfit actually look pulled together.  It’s always fun to change them up, and M&G is never without a great assortment :)

Juggling a successful career while raising two boys has got to be challenging- what are your time management tips?

The reality is that you can’t have time for it all, all the time.  This is the time in my life that I’m focusing on my children and work. Maybe later in life I’ll have more time for other things but those are my top priorities.  

Favorite women ran businesses right now?

Oohhh so many…

Glossier, Away, Dry Bar, Bando, Canva, SoulCycle, Stitch Fix, Carol’s Daughter

Emily’s little list of loves:

lipstick, Gucci, eye glasses, popcorn, chocolate, snuggles from my boys

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